Ambitious outdoor events

Outdoor Field Events Syngenta 2018
Ameropa @ Agriplanta 2019
Outdoor Field Events Euralis 2019
Adama Outdoor events 2019
Wheat Day Baragan 2021
Syngenta Caravan, May 2021
APPR Technical Conferences
„BIG 4 AGRO” – Field Event
LIDEA Field Events
FarmConect Romania – Targul Agriculturii Romanesti
Lidea – Master Field Event
FarmForum: Ziua Culturilor Fixatoare de Azot

Conceptual Indoor events

Syngenta 2018 HORTICULTURE Indoor Event
Anniversary Event Sygenta – 10 Years of Horticulture
Unique Concept events – „Syngenta Select”
APPR 2020 Annual Congress
CHIMPEX 50 year Anniversary
KWS 20th Anniversary
Expur factory launch
Syngenta: OptiTech Forum for Horticulture
Nufarm: The launch of Carnadine

Digital Events

Corn Day Moldova 2020
Digital webinars „The art of being a fruit farmer”
APPR Congres February 2021
Digital conferences

Point-of-sale displays

Instore branding and POSM

Brand visibility & promotional materials


Digital Projects

Visual concept for video production Syngenta
„Farm Forum investigation”
„The Care in our nature”
Farm Forum Podcast
Limagrain Romania Website

trust the magic

of new beginings!