Ambitious outdoor events

What makes us feel alive is the magical feeling of creating a real-life event from a line write in a presentation.
And with a team of BTL and advertising seniors, our own logistics & catering capabilities and limitless determination,
you can trust us with any project. Learn more

Conceptual indoor events

Indoor events are all about the concept and the quality of the service.
Food, decor, brand visibility, music, speakers and entertainment, everything must look & feel great,
while being relevant to your audience. A creative thinking, mixed with practical skills
and implementation capabilities is what you need to generate
valuable experiences for your audience. Learn more

Digital events

Be it conferences, live streaming, webinars, podcasts, we have the right structure in place
for your digital event to magically happen and a team of creatives, project managers,
video producers and technical experts who love juggling through all the details. Learn more

Point-of-sale displays

When it comes to point-of-sale displays and materials,
our long lasting collaborations with top FMCG companies speak for themselves.
We enjoy coming up with the idea, projecting, producing and sleamlessly
delivering it for you in any national & international location. Learn more

Brand visibility & promotional materials

With a range of over 1 million products we distribute directly and dozens of external suppliers
and long-term collaborations, we deliver special items at a competitive price and in a timely manner.
With every little detail, you can create brand experiences that feel different. Learn more

Digital Projects

We deliver online campaigns, mainly for agribusiness, using creative thinking, industry experts, social media,
video production and web platforms, creating that bound between farmers, products and brands.
Educate, engage and convert your leads into loyal customers. Learn more

trust the magic

of new beginings!